Thursday, November 30, 2006

Using The Rubic: Assessment As Learning

OK, we've settled on the rubric and, after a lengthy discussion, decided to keep it the way it is. In todays class we also decided that this is how we would use it:

(1) After a student posts a problem and solution every other student in the class will assess their work using the rubric. You will post your assessment on this blog in the comments to the relevant post. Use this template to record your results, 1-4 in each category:

Humour/Drama bonus:

You should include constructive comments suggesting how the student can improve the work and move it up within each category they scored less than 4. This assessment should be done within two days of the problem being posted to the blog.

(2) The student who posted the problem has one week to make edits and improve their work. The goal is to get 100%. (More with the bonus. ;-))

(3) I will also assess the student's work, however the result of my assessment will be shared with the student privately.

The purpose of assessing your work this way is to encourage each other to do better work and achieve the greatest success possible. Don't let each other down ... get your comments in within two days of each problem being posted to the blog. Remember: What we can accomplish together is far greater than anything we can do by ourselves.

If you like you can click on the image below to see the rubric at a glance. Feel free to print it out if you like.

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