Saturday, February 10, 2007

Solution Part 3

Queen Hopra chases Pedro and Kuro for five seconds. The two pandas' velocity is given by 3t^3cos(t) metres per second. What is the total distance that the pandas travelled? Did they get to the ship safely?

What is the total distance that pandas travelled?

There are TWO ways to solve this problem. You can do it with paper and pencil OR you can use your bestfriend, the calculator!


NOTE: You have to find the absolute value of your answer. Therefore, Pedro and Kuro travelled 196.5753 metres.


Did they make it to the ship safely?

No they didn't. Your answer had a -ve sign which means they're farther away from the ship than when they started! Thanks to Kuro Kuro, Pedro couldn't see where he was going so he was running AWAY from their new bamboo ship. What will happen next? T__T

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